16 August 2012

USA / CUBA / POLITICS : Mitt Romney Gaffes Again...About Papaya In Miami.


     You just have to wonder...about GOP Prez candidate Mitt Romney's many verbal gaffes.
     Is he channeling GW Bush?
     Could this guy really handle negotiations with Vlad 'the Bad' Putin?
     Remember how Romney just loved the perfect size of the trees in Michigan. 
     And, of course...that classic...when he declared...that a corporation was a person.
     Recently...on a Miami radio program...Romney cheerily announced that he was a "big fan of mango, papaya and guava.'
     Imagine the gasps from the abuelitas listening to the show...and the snickers from the ancianos.
    Because...as experienced Cuba visitors know...papaya is the slang term for female genitalia.
    In Cuba...the fruit must be called...fruta bomba.