16 August 2012

ECUADOR / UK / SWEDEN / USA : 17 August UPDATE: 17 FOTOS; Assange Gets Asylum.

       IST LINK CHANGE : 14 Fotos

     As widely speculated...President Rafael Correa (foto below) has granted WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange asylum.
     For more than 2 months...Assange has been holed-up in its London embassy.
     But whether the Australian native can ever leave that small piece of Ecuadorian sovereign territory in the UK...is in much dispute.
     UK officials steadfastly maintain they will arrest Assange...if he ever leaves the building.
     They have even threatened to use an obscure law allowing embassy invasion.
      He could be forced to live in his reportedly cramped quarters there...for a long time.
     Assange sought shelter with Ecuador to escape extradition to Sweden for alleged sexual misconduct...and possibly onward to the USA.
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