04 August 2012

MEXICO / CANADA : 08 August UPDATE: Regina's Lang Was Stabbed 23 Times In Puerto Vallarta Apartment.

          2ND LINK CHANGE: http://www.ottawacitizen.com/news/Regina+stabbed+times+while+vacationing+Puerto/7057342/story.html

      Just yesterday...the CPRESS reported that Mexican police said Regina insurance agent Duane Lang was stabbed 7 times in his apartment in Puerto Vallarta.
     Now...the same local police are saying Lang was stabbed...23 times!
     Lang was a frequent Mexico visitor.
     He was found by his landlord...lying in a pool of blood...in his apartment...with evidence of a struggle.
     An autopsy indicated that Lang had been dead for 48-72 hours.
     Police claim Lang's neighborhood isn't dangerous...but another expat was found dead in the same apartment a few years ago.
     Another Canadian tourist...Calgary nurse Sheila McNabb, 37...was horrifically beaten by a Mexican national in a top Mazatlan hotel in January 2012...and underwent extensive facial surgery in Canada.