17 August 2012

HUNGARY / EU: Former Jobbik Szegedi Faces Party Pressures To Resign MEP.


     So much for loyalty.
    After faithful nationalistic Jobbik member Csanad Szegedi, 30...learned that he had Jewish ancestry...he reluctantly resigned from the far-right party.
    That wasn't enough. 
    Jobbik leadership also wants him to resign his well-paid seat in the European Parliament.
    They insist that it's because a 2010 bribery allegation clouds his position.
    However...Szegedi is no innocent.
    For years he was openly, proudly anti-Semitic and popular because of it...and in 2009 appeared at his first EU Parliament session in a controversial...and now banned... nationalistic military uniform.
   But Szegedi was exposed...as having a Jewish grandmother imprisoned at Auschwitz.