15 August 2012

BRASIL: 17 August UPDATE: Poor Roads And Inadequate Rails Go On Sale...For $66 Billion; Will Red Tape Loving Bureaucracy Cooperate?

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      President Rousseff proposes to put a serious $66 billion dent in Brasil's notorious road and rail problems...by selling licenses to build them.
      Over 30 years...Brasil will license 7,500kms/4,660 miles of roads...and 10,000 kms of rails.
      Rousseff's own Workers' party has long opposed privatization...but she claims she is not selling off assets...but only sharing them...and says the government will administer them.
      Some airports and ports improvement and concessions programs have already been privatized.
       The worry is about corruption.
       But unlike Lula...Dilma has shown little tolerance for corruption...giving businesses hope....even if the nation's notoriously slow bureaucracy will still be involved.