02 August 2012

BRASIL : Lula's Legacy...In Jeopardy From Party Corruption Trial.


      Popular 2-term ex-President Lula da Silva's political party will see much of its smelly laundry aired today...as a probable month-long trial begins with 38 members as defendants...charged with corruption...before the Supreme Court in Brasilia.
     Years of closed doors proceedings finally go public...in what the media call 'the trial of the century'...over $30 million in mensalaos/monthly under the table payments of government monies...for votes.
     It could tarnish the 66-year-old party leader Lula's image...and impede a serious return to politics...already weakened after his serious bout with throat cancer.
      ALSO...TO READ: Former Lula chief of staff Jose Dirceu's role in payments.