21 August 2012

BELARUS / ECUADOR : 29 AUGUST UPDATE: 2 Stories: Lukashenko Sacks Foreign Minister; Quito Judge Orders Minsk Whistleblower Set Free, No Extradition.

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      A wanted whistleblower who feared extradition to Minsk...will instead be set free after a Quito judge refused to extradite him.
        Ecuador's President Correa has been defending WikiLeaks founder Assange...even putting him up in the London embassy...but it was feared that Correa's new economic relationship with Belarus dictator Alexander Lukashenko...would allow the whistleblower's extradition.
    Aliaksandr Barankov, 30, had feared death if sent home to Minsk...after he denounced vast corruption by senior officials...including some Lukashenko relatives.
     AND: President Lukashneko fired Foreign Minister Sergei Martynov...and replaced him with longtime insider Vladimir Makey.