18 July 2012

MEXICO: Dead Journalists Report; Saluting Monterrey Police Reporter Daniela Aburto.

     Mexico's special prosecutor for crimes vs journalists has declared that since 2006...67 reporters have been killed...and 14 have 'disappeared.'
     Only one alleged murderer has been convicted!
     This blog's editor spends 10-11 hours daily consuming news...listening, watching, reading and writing it.
     But...there would be NO news...without reporters on the ground...often risking their lives.
     The freshest news about Mexico comes from those brave enough to work the deadly police/narco beats.
     More newspapers there are refusing to report on narco violence...because of fear of retaliation.
     Recently...a Nuevo Laredo paper surrendered doing all drug coverage after grenade attacks on its offices.
      Daniela Aburto Olguin, 28...is a Monterrey TV reporter...who continues to cover that  beat...despite real dangers in the Zetas/Gulfo war zone.
      The young blonde is always stylishly dressed...perched on tacones.
      Nightly...Aburto refreshes my Spanish from that blood soaked city.
      In 2009...she was in the news...after police injured her and a camera person...while trying to record a protest by women against a local official.
      Saludos, Daniela!