17 July 2012

CUBA : 19 July UPDATE: More Details Of New 'Mule Tax'.

         2ND LINK CHANGE: MORE details.

      Prominent dissident blogger Yoani Sanchez's recent revelation of a new 'mule tax' is confirmed.
     Starting in August...and then in September...goods brought onto the isla by mulas will skyrocket to $4.50 usd per pound/$10 usd per kg.
     The tax is intended to capture some of over $2 billion usd worth of goods informally imported from abroad...and used to supply new small businesses.
     Previously...mulas paid only $.50 usd per kg in import duties...with fixed fees for appliances and other electronic goods.
     The fee change was quietly posted on an official website on 02 July.
     Cuba lacks a reliable wholesale supply system for private businesses.
     Small businesses have long relied on mulas...paid travelers...to restock goods.