02 July 2012

MEXICO: 08 July UPDATE: Thousands Protest Pena Nieto Victory; Vote Buying Claims Linger; 'AMLO' Will Appeal.

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       Tens of thousands protested in Cd Mexico over Pena Nieto's victory as president after officials declared him the winner.
       Losing candidate Lopez Obrador will appeal the results...because thousands crowded Soriana stores to cash in debit cards they claim were given to them by the winning PRI party...and didn't like the often meager results.
    Many cursed the PRI presidential winner Pena Nieto.
    A PAN part official claims the PRI spent $500 million to win this election...way past the legal $30 million limit.
    Election officials finished recounting more than half of the vote boxes...finding some inconsistencies...but no real changes in total votes.
     Lopez Obrador...AMLO'...is disturbed that the PRI allegedly handed out 1.8 million gift cards...and he claims...bought votes.
    Called El Guapo/the handsome one...former Mexico state governor...Enrique Pena Nieto's election was no surprise...but no mandate.
    After 12 years of wandering among the agave...and stalling PAN President Calderon's programs...the 7 decades-long dominant PRI will take control of a slack economy with rampant crime in December.
     Final results show Pena Nieto garnered only 38.21% of the vote...3.3 million votes and almost 7% ahead of sometimes leftist and fulltime grunon/grouch...Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador...aka AMLO...with 31.59...but enough to put Pena Nieto into office for the next 6 years.
    Over 47 million people voted.
    In a survey taken before the election...more than 70% of married Mexican women said they would gladly cheat on their husbands...to spend the night with El Guapo Enrique.
     Now El Guapo must beautify and energize Mexico's stalled economy, reform its ugly tax code, weaken its monopolies...and most importantly...begin massive reinvestment of and allow foreign participation in PEMEX.
     Mexico averaged only 2% annual GDP growth since 2000...under the PAN.
     AMLO is known for claiming vote fraud...as he did in 2006....when his supporters paralyzed the DF and the economy for weeks.
     The ruling PAN's candidate Josefina Vasquez Mota placed 3rd with 25.4%...suffering from the absence of an official Calderon blessing.