14 June 2012

USA / ENTERTAINMENT: 15 June UPDATE: HBO Cable Pulls All Season One DVDS Of 'Game Of Thrones' After Attacks For Using Ex-Prez GW Bush Severed Head Likeness.

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     Under attack for briefly displaying a severed head likeness of 43rd USA President George W. Bush...impaled on a spike...in the hot cable swords and lords fantasy series...'Game Of Thrones'...HBO is halting all dvd sales of Season #1...and pulling the episode from digital rotation...until edits are made.
     The spiked head 'appearance' occurs...in Episode #10...of Season One.
     At most...it lasts 5 seconds...and is basically background.
     Still...some furious Republicans call for a boycott of the program.
     HBO and the show's 2 creators have apologized.
     HBO says it has reprimanded them.
     The producers insist that they didn't know the head looked like Bush...until someone pointed it out after the shoot.
     'It's not a choice. It's not a political statement,' said a producer. 'It's just...we had to use  the heads we had lying around.'