30 June 2012

PARAGUAY / MERCOSUR / UNASUR / VENEZUELA : 2 Trade Groups Suspend Asuncion After 'Impeachment Coup'; New Prez Franco Interviewed.


    2 important South American trade organizations suspended Paraguay's membership. 
    UNASUR...and the regional trade group MERCOSUR...both took swift action after the recent rapid impeachment and ouster of President Fernando Lugo (below).
     MERCOSUR will not reinstate Asuncion until after its 2013 presidential election.
     But the trade org. said it would not apply sanctions against Paraguay.
     More than 50% of Asuncion's trade is with MERCOSUR nations.
     MERCOSUR also announced full membership for Venezuela beginning on 31 July.
     Paraguay had long opposed President Chavez's nation joining the trade group.
     Asuncion is blasting MERCOSUR for accepting Venezuela...as a full member.
       AND:  AP interviews Federico Franco (above)...the VP who assumed Paraguay's presidency after Lugo's impeachment. He confirms that Venezuela tried to enlist the military's help to stop the ouster.