28 June 2012

GERMANY / ITALY / POLAND : 29 June UPDATE: UPSET!! Roma Beats Berlin 2-1.

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         In the USA...ALL the news was about the Supreme Court's narrow verdict upholding 'Obamacare'...aka...mandatory health reform.
         The TV talking heads...went wild...about this so-called upset!
         But surprising Italy beat favorite Germany...2-1..in the semis in Warsaw. 
         Mario Balotelli scored twice in the first half!
         Stand-out midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger was injured with an ankle injury 
           German uber fan...and lucky charm...Chancellor Angela Merkel wasn't there...instead  she locked away...losing to Spain and Italy over debt discussions and banks in Brussels.
        The Italian win...was the real upset.
        Italy last won the Euro Cup in 1968.
        Roma faces Madrid on Sunday in Kyiv...and Merkel no longer has to worry about attending a match in Ukraine.
        Powerhouse Germany won't be there.

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