15 June 2012

ARGENTINA / UK / FALKLANDS : Cristina Pleads For Falkland Islands 'Discussion' At UN; Cameron 'Ready And Willing' To Defend Islands With 'No Negotiation.'


       President Cristina Fernandez claims she wants to sit down with UK officials and discuss their heated conflict over Falkland Islands control.
      She told a UN committee: 'We have to leave behind us this outdated story, this outdated history and build a new history based on dialogue.'
      Recently...Fernandez has been aggressively pushing Argentina's claim on the islands... especially after possibly large oil fields were discovered there.
     Fernandez has asked: 'How can it be claimed with 14,000 kilometers away, that this is part of British territory?'
     Island officials have announced they will hold a referendum...possibly next year...asking the 3,000 residents if they want to remain under the UK's aegis.
     AND: PM David Cameron warns that the UK 'stands ready and willing' to defend the islands...with 'absolutely no negotiation.'