02 May 2012

PERU : 09 May UPDATE : Over 4,450 Pelican Carcasses Found On 'Beaches Of Death'...Starving To Death.


    First...800 dead dolphins were found washed ashore...with no explanation.
    Now...the carcasses of an estimated 4,450 pelicans...54 seabirds called boobies, sea lions and a turtle...found on a 70km/40 mile stretch of Peru's northern beaches...have Lima 'deeply worried'.
    But the government was slow to investigate the causes. 
    Scientists now think hotter ocean temps are responsible for the mass die-off.
    They speculate that anchovies...a major pelican food source...were driven deeper into the sea...by the heat wave.
    The young pelicans are slowly starving to death.
    But there is still no explanation for the porpoise and dolphin die-offs.
    Lima is calling the many bird carcasses...a health hazard.