13 May 2012

MEXICO : 18 May UPDATE : Zetas Narcomantas Deny Dumping 49 Headless Bodies Near San Juan; Did Zetas 'Calentar La Plaza'?/ Presidential Candidates Offer No New Solutions.

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     When it seems that Mexico's drug wars can't get more gruesome...the brutal narcos  continue to shock.
     In what AP reports was the 4th massacre in a month...police discovered 49 decapitated and mutilated bodies near San Juan...110 miles/180 kms from the border city of Reynosa.
     Enclosed in black garbage bags...the 43 men and 6 women were dumped on the non-toll highway from Monterrey...in the early morning.
      A sign on a wall near the bodies...indicated that the fierce and brutal Los Zetas were responsible for the murders.
      But...the Zetas have reportedly posted several narcomantas/signs...in Cd. Valles...denying their role in the 49 horrific mutilation murders.
           ANALYSIS...by Jo Tuckman: These increasing macabre and horrific displays are not mindless...but all about instilling fear...and setting territorial claims...like a cat spraying its scent. It's called 'calentar la plaza'/heating up the turf.
      NEW!!! ANOTHER ANALYSIS: Tim Padgett: The real question is...what will the next president do about the mounting violence? 
      The 3 candidates so far...have offered no new solutions.
       The brutal Zetas also seem beyond political control that the PRI...the likely winner with Pena Nieto...exercised with narcos for 5 decades.