08 May 2012

GREECE / EUROZONE : Greeks Proud Of Unleashing Electoral Pandora's Box; Leftist Leader Rejects EU Bailout.


     Electoral chaos. So, what!
     Many Greeks are proud of standing up to their corrupt pols...and 'unreasonable' Eurozone pressures led by Germany...by punishing the 2 major parties with a bit more than 1/3 of the vote...and choosing instead small parties...on the extreme left and right.
     According to one voter..."We sent a message to the whole of Europe that things have to change, that we won't be pushed around anymore. We want the country to be allowed to grow, we want more time to pay our debts. That's what we are saying.'
      New leftist party leader Alexis Tsipras roiled international markets...after he told pro-bailout parties they must renounce an EU led rescue to form a ruling coalition with his party.
      Another election is likely in June...if Tsipras can't get coalition partners.
      The communists have already refused to join with him.
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