24 April 2012

ITALY : 25 April UPDATE: Showgirl's Leaked Phone Transcripts Reveal Silvio's Type Of Women; Court Says Berlusconi Paid Mafia For Protection.


      More transcripts from 50,000 phone calls being used as evidence in the Milano trial of ex-PM Silvio Berlusconi...have been leaked.
     They allegedly reveal how the anciano's favorite showgirl and assistant...Nicole Minetti (Foto)...briefed future female guests on what to wear...and Silvio's types. 
     "I tell you...there are 5 anthropological categories...there are the sluts, the South Americans who come from the favelas/slums and don't speak a word of Italian, the more serious ones, others who are somewhere in the middle...and then there's me and I do what I do."
     The recruited party women also tried to milk money, free rent and showbiz favors from slippery Silvio...before he lost power and influence.
    A high court also ruled that Berlusconi paid 'substantial sums'...to the Sicilian mafia...in the 1970's-80's...as guarantees against kidnappings.