14 April 2012

COLOMBIA / USA / VENEZUELA / CUBA / NICARAGUA : 15 April UPDATE: Puta Scandal, 2x Bombs Greet Obama; No Show Chavez Returns To La Habana Feeding New Rumors.

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      It's being called the worst scandal in the history of the USA's Secret Service...that select group of highly trained agents who have protected the president since 1902, other dignitaries and counterfeiting of the $USD.
      An apparent dispute by one agent over pay with a Cartagena prostitute...has opened a new and ugly chapter for the Service.
     Prostitution is legal in Colombia...but the Service's code forbids it.
     Some 11 agents...including 2 supervisors...were sent home...but none were members of Obama's personal team.
    Five service members were involved...and heavy drinking was also reported at the Hotel Caribe.
    Police said hundreds of putas had descended on the city for the meetings. 
    There were also 2 small bomb blasts in Cartagena...as 33 regional leaders...and 300 CEOs gathered for meetings.
    More than 7,600 police and thousands of troops are deployed in Cartagena.
     Also revealed...Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez won't be attending the 6th Summit of the Americas...to cross swords with President Obama.
     Chavez said earlier that his doctors would be making that decision for him.
     Instead...he returned to La Habana for his 4th round of radiation treatments.
    And...the Nicaraguan delegation announced that President Daniel Ortega is skipping the Summit.
     NEW!!!  Hugo Chavez's non appearance is fueling new speculation about his health. 
     Chavez has always relished sparring with the USA on a world stage. 
    Caracas columnist Nelson Bocaranda says sources believe cancer has spread to Hugo's liver and kidneys.