03 March 2012

VENEZUELA / CUBA : 4 March UPDATE: Chavez Reveals 2nd Tumor Was Cancerous.


      President Hugo Chavez appeared on a taped TV meeting...after his latest cancer surgery in La Habana on 24 February...claiming to be recovering quickly.
     But Chavez, 57, finally admitted his newly removed tumor was smaller...but cancerous... and he must undergo another round of radiation.
     There was no indication when he would return to Caracas.
     Recent fotos showed him in a blue track suit...and talking with Fidel Castro.
     He said doctors put him a special diet...and that he is taking walks.
     "I cannot neglect my recuperation for even a minute. I continue recovering, thank's to Venezuela's support, the Cuban people, the doctors here in Cuba, to the love from the people that fills me," he said.
     The new revelation adds more uncertainties for the nation's October presidential election.