28 March 2012

PERU: 30 March UPDATE: Inside An Overcrowded Lima Prison; Prez Humala's Imprisoned Brother Gets Royal Treatment Elsewhere; Antauro Caught On Video Smoking Pot.

      President Ollanta Humala's popularity has declined recently...to 53%...after his imprisoned brother...serving 19 years...was transferred to a military base...allegedly for safety from vengeful rebels.
      But there were revelations of his luxurious conditions there...unlike the rest of Peru's jails.

      "Built for 2,500 inmates, Lurigancho's crumbling walls are currently home to some 7,000 prisoners. Of Peru's 66 desperately overcrowded jails, this human clearing house on the arid outskirts of Lima is the most overcrowded."
    AND: "Other than for sexual offenders, there is no segregation of inmates at Lurigancho. Armed robbers, hitmen and drug kingpins mingle with adolescents sent down for stealing a pair of trainers. Most are Peruvians but there is also a smattering of foreigners, everything from Africans to Americans, mainly convicted of acting as cocaine couriers.
     Yet prisoners here have far more personal freedom than in most jails in the UK. They wear their own clothes, are allowed up to two conjugal visits a week, and from 6am to 6pm are largely free to wander around Lurigancho's labyrinthine facilities. Although there are several internal police checks, the biggest obstacles are the security controls organised by the prisoners themselves at the entrance to each wing."
   AND:  More about Prez. Humala's jailed brother Antauro:
    NEW!!!: More about Humala's controversial brother...recently shown smoking pot on video...and Ollanta's response.