23 March 2012

CUBA : 24 March UPDATE: Pope Benedict Will Hit La Habana; Little Enthusiasm Reported In Santiago; Fotos Evoke Memories.

       WITH 12 Fotos
      Like many others...I have vowed never to return to Cuba...until the Castros are dead or gone.
      But sometimes...I happen across fotos of Cuba that strongly evoke my visits...my friends on Calle Neptuno...and my life there. 
     Der Spiegel features 12 excellent pix...along with a general report about Cuba's slowly changing market reforms under Raul.
     Pope Benedict arrives for a 3-day visit to La Habana and Santiago de Cuba...on Monday.
     Latest reports describe little enthusiasm in Santiago over his visit...except for some pothole repairs...and a wild rumor...the USA will open Guantanamo's gates to all Cubans... and permit escapes.
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