20 February 2012

MUSIC FOR MONDAYS / CARNAVAL EDITION: Gilberto Gil Sings Buarque's 'Sound Of Carnaval'; With Rio Fotos.

Static Foto : 3:23

     A mellow Gilberto Gil sings Chico Buarque's 'Sonho de um Carnaval.'

    Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday.
    If you're reading this...it means that you probably missed another carnaval in Brasil.
    For most visitors...an unforgettable and pleasurable experience.
    My carnaval memories include beautiful women...strangers in skimpy outfits...suddenly kissing me on Rio's streets. 
   A week after landing in Rio...I had a sweet girlfriend, who nursed me thru an extreme case of sunburn...with badly swollen feet and ankles. 
    One learns to respect Brasil's sun...roaring surf...and cachaca.
    Meals with amazing beef...and exotic fruits.
     Sneaking into the famous Copacabana Palace for swims, snacks at Cervantes, dancing at the Help disco.
    Perfect antidotes for a broken heart...and repressed midwestern USA standards.
    Ah, Carnaval!
   Ah, Rio!
   Ah, Brasil!
   Maybe...next year.

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