25 January 2012

RUSSIA / USA : 26 Jan UPDATE: Putin Again Blasting USA In Siberia; Judges Throwing Out Election Fraud Cases...Despite Evidence.

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       PM Putin is campaigning in Siberia...and again attacking the USA...claiming it wants to 'control everything'...and 'needs only vassals.'
       One observer calls it "vintage" Putin "saber rattling."

      AND...recently Putin told protesters complaining loudly about alleged rampant fraud in the 4 Dec. election...to take it to the courts.
     Many have...and the judges have been gingerly tossing out cases...despite compelling evidence. 
     It is only adding to a growing futility there.
    "The court system is completely manipulated, but these cases matter," said an independent election-monitor. "Each court challenge that fails will simply make clearer the need to bring civic pressure against the authorities—pressure in the streets."