13 January 2012

CUBA / USA / GERMANY : 14 Jan UPDATE: Che Guevara Display In Las Vegas Upsets Miami; Sen. Menendez Blasts Daimler.

                                      LINK CHANGE/ FOX

     The Germans had no clue.
     Daimler...which makes Mercedes-Benz...has soundly pissed-off some Cuban-Americans   and others for using "Che" Guevara's image...to promote their cars at the important annual CES show in Las Vegas.
    Daimler apologized. 
    But perhaps...too late.
    Guevara is highly radioactive in the Cuban American community.
   "I do not understand how a company like Mercedes-Benz, which sells luxury cars, can use a figure of a man who preached class struggle ... who preached violence and bloodshed and wanted to do away with capitalism and establish socialism," said one Miami Cuban.
   New Jersey Democratic Senator Robert Menendez joined in blasting Daimler.
   "Che in essence was a murderer...and he hated the USA. You want to sell your products in the USA and you use that?", he said.
   Cubans have shown that they can hold a grudge.
   Just consider their feelings about Fidel Castro. 
   Still loathed...nay...hated...after 53 years.

    When I first went to Cuba in 1996...like so many tourists...I bought a tee with Che's famous image on it.
    After reading about the hundreds...perhaps thousands of Cubans that Che had executed... sent 'a la pared'/to the wall...I never wore that shirt again.