09 December 2011

RUSSIA : Small Airlines...And Small Airports There...Are Growing More Dangerous.

                                     WSJ/G. WHITE, D. MICHAELS
                                     Long Read

     For whatever reason...the number of visitors to this news blog from Russia has surged in the past 3 months...to almost 15% of daily page views.
    In fact, the number of Russian visitors currently trails only the USA's...and surpasses even Brasil and Mexico!
    So...this long analysis from the WSJ...about the present dangers of flying in Russia...today made freely available...is primarily for you frequent Russian travelers.
    It is a chilling read.  And also...пожаловать.

WSJ:    "Russian fatalities and crashes, adjusted for air-traffic volumes, this year exceed those in less developed countries with longstanding safety problems, including Congo and Indonesia, according to aviation consultants Ascend in London.
       Eight of the nine crashes involved Soviet-era planes. But many safety experts say the real problem isn't aging equipment but ineffective regulation, inefficiently small airlines and poorly trained pilots not following modern safety procedures."