22 December 2011

MEXICO: 23 Dec. UPDATE : 16 Dead In Veracruz State After Governor Fires Entire Veracruz City Police Dept.

                                  LINK CHANGE: ENEWS Video Report: :45

     Just a day after the governor of Veracruz fired the entire police force in the city of Veracruz...at least 16 people were killed in narco violence in the state...in Tampico...and El Higo...where men ambushed 3 buses...and killed 7 passengers.
    It was a drastic move to root out Veracruz corruption...to dismiss 800 police and 300 office workers.
    The navy and state police will take-over their duties.
    An official said :" The fired officers can apply to the new force but will face tougher standards."
   TO READ: AP: Training new police will take 10 months...in this important port city of 700,000.