10 December 2011

CUBA/ USA : Miami Exiles' Human Rights Flotilla Called 'Failure'.


     A small flotilla of 6 Miami exiles' boats...off La Habana's famous Malecon...launched fireworks to bring attention to human rights violations.
     But...because of poor weather and the 12-mile limit...it was witnessed by few island spectators.
     However...on the popular seawall...a mob thronged around the foreign media...with a cameraman punched in the face, another's thumb was sprained...and a video camera was broken.
    Cuban officials were irked by the flotilla's efforts.
    "There's a whole program of provocative acts," said an Interior Ministry official. "This is not just about innocuous fireworks. It is subversive."
     TO SEE: 1:14 Video report: