13 December 2011

COLOMBIA : Dead Ruthless Narco Pablo Escobar...Now Top Medellin Tourist Attraction.

                                      WSJ /D.MOLINSKI

WSJ:   "At the time of his death in 1993 at age 44,(Pablo) Escobar was the world's most notorious criminal. He blew up a civilian airliner, bombed the government's security ministry, assassinated at least one presidential candidate and waged a war on the state that killed thousands, including dozens of judges and hundreds of policemen.
       But in the afterlife, Escobar has suddenly become something new: a tourist attraction (in Medellin)."
AND :  "Two rival tour companies began offering Pablo Escobar tours last year, and an advertising campaign started in September has turned the tours into Medellín's hottest ticket, with hundreds being sold a month."