07 December 2011

CHILE: Camila Vallejo Loses Student Presidential Bid; Pinera Joke Called 'Sexist'...'Prehistoric'.

                                           BBC/Pinera Joke Link only

    President Sebastian Pinera is being blasted for telling what one opponent called a 'prehistoric and sexist' joke at a leaders' conference in Mexico.
    Pinera said:  "Do you know the difference between a politician and a lady? When a politician says 'yes', he means 'maybe'. When he says 'maybe' he means 'no'. If he says 'no', he's not a politician.
    When a lady says 'no', she means 'maybe', when she says 'maybe', she means 'yes'...and if she says 'yes'...she is not a lady."

  AND  (NO LINK) :  Camila Vallejo, 23, celebrated as the leader of Chile's 6-months long education reform protests, lost her bid for the presidency of the powerful Students Federation of Chile University/FECH.
    The geography graduate and communist remains a VP.
    Law student Gabriel Boric won the top spot by a comfortable margin.