02 December 2011

ARGENTINA : Boom Today...A Decade After Doom And Despair; CFK Will Stand-Up To Unions.

                                         BBC 2:27 Video report

    Argentina has recovered with average 9% annual growth...10 years after its huge bust...when its peso collapsed, there was rioting in the streets...and it defaulted on $81 billion in foreign debts.

AND:  The WSJ reports that President Kirchner will be cracking down on labor union demands...allowing only a smaller wage increase of 18%...while inflation there roars on at 25% annually. CFK is said to have 'bad relations' with top union honcho Hugo Moyano (above).
     Her recent landslide re-election has given her the clout to combat unions. 
     But she has told the media and President Hugo Chavez that she will not seek another term.