08 November 2011

VENEZUELA / FRANCE: Chavez Defends Rights Of "Carlos The Jackel".

                                        REUTERS/ A. CAWTHORNE

      Four debilitating cancer treatments haven't curtailed President Hugo Chavez's desire to stir-up controversy.
     Chavez wants France to respect the legal rights of "Carlos the Jackal" during his trial there...calling him a "worthy" revolutionary fighter.
     Venezuelan-born "Carlos the Jackal"...Ilich Ramirez Sanchez (below)...62...is being tried for 4 Paris bombings...that killed 11 and injured almost 200 in the early 1980s.
     "He was kidnapped. France did not ask for his extradition as they should have done," Chavez said. "They sedated him, put him in a bag and took him off in a plane."
     Chavez recently supported Libya's Muammar Gaddafi and before that...Iraq's Saddam Hussein.
     TO read more about the "Jackal's" profile/history: