12 November 2011

MEXICO : Close Calderon Friend...Interior Min. Mora...Dies In DF Copter Crash; Narcos Claim Another Social Media Victim.


      In what some say is an eerie coincidence...Interior Minister Francisco Blake Mora died with seven others in a helicopter crash outside the DF...during a cold front that caused fog, clouds and rain.
     Mora, 45, was a close friend of President Felipe Calderon and the second most powerful government official...in charge of Calderon's 5-year-old drug war.
     A previous Interior minister died in a 2008 plane crash.
     There have been 4 Mexican Interior ministers in 5 years.
    Also...Mora's last known TWEET was about the minister who died in the 2008 plane crash.

     AND: Observers are debating whether another dead body found in Nuevo Laredo...was indeed a casualty of Los Zetas war on social media there. So far...4 deaths have been claimed by the brutal narcos for postings on social media. All the victims' bodies had messages attached blaming their use of TWITTER and a chat board called NUEVO LAREDO EN VIVO to out the narcos.