27 October 2011

ARGENTINA: The Growing Cult Of Ex-President Nestor Kirchner.

                                        REUTERS / L.A. HENAO

     Though former president Nestor Kirchner died after a massive heart attack last year at age 60...he is still, of course, revered by his wife...the just re-elected President Cristina Fernandez...and her followers. 
     Cristina continues to wear black in his memory...and a sympathy vote is credited for her landslide re-election.
     But Argentina is notorious for relishing the cult of personality...especially for Juan Peron and his wife Evita...that still lingers 40 years after their deaths.
    "Today you see Nestor's image more than Peron's at political marches, it's everywhere," said  an architect.
    Graffiti of Nestor Kirchner is spreading across Buenos Aires.
    He has also been labelled as "Nestornauta"...like the comic book hero El Eternauta who travels forever through time.