14 August 2011

USA: 15 Aug. UPDATE: SF Bay's BART Website Cyber-Attacked...After Controversial Cell Phone Shutdown.

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     The SF Bay Area's BART website was attacked by the hacker group called "Anonymous" ...angry at BART's perceived attempt to limit free speech...and posted customer contact info.
     On Thursday officials at the SF Bay area transit authority (BART) cut off ALL underground cellphone service...for a few hours at several stations...because of a possible protest over a recent fatal shooting by a transit cop there.
      Now the debate is raging about this decision...and its Orwellian overtones of censorship.
     “It was almost like an afterthought,” an objecting board member said ...about being informed of the decision just hours before it was put in place. “This is a land of free speech and for us to think we can do that shows we’ve grown well beyond the business of what we’re supposed to be doing and that’s providing transportation. Not censorship.”