14 August 2011

EUROZONE / FRANCE / GERMANY: Merkel And Sarkozy To Meet; Eurobond Clamor Grows; Sarkozy Suffers In French Poll.


      Some speculate that Chancellor Angela Merkel's refusal to end her August vacation shows who really is in charge...as President Sarkozy was forced to rush back from the Riviera after his nation's banks were attacked by speculators.
     Meanwhile the clamor is growing for new eurobonds backed by all countries.
     Worst for Sarkozy...a new French poll shows that only 33% had confidence in Sarkozy's government...while 46% trusted Merkel.
     "The power in the relationship has clearly shifted toward Germany. In the past, people always spoke about a tandem, but now Germany is driving the motorcycle and France is in the sidecar," said Ulrike Guerot, head of European council on foreign relations.