12 April 2013

BRASIL / GERMANY : Brasilia Beefs-up Defenses; Buying 34 Used Tanks From Berlin.

    The new pope's upcoming visit in July, the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics are commonly given as some reasons for Brasilia's recent military buying spree.
     Brasil is close to buying 34 used German anti-tanks.
     No price was revealed.
     Brasilia is also spending $4 billion to build 5 submarines...including a nuke...jointly with France...and has purchased anti-aircraft missiles from Russia.
    But the biggest future...and oft postponed purchase...36 new jet fighters...worth more than $4 billion...has seen the USA, France and Sweden drooling over...and sniping about it.
    Brasil is also concerned about growing incursions across its remote Amazon borders...by waves of undocumented immigrants and illegal drugs.