09 March 2013

VENEZUELA : Hugo's Painful Last Days; Cancer Details Finally Leak; 14 April Is Probable Election Date.

       Populist President Hugo Chavez will eventually be embalmed...and displayed under glass somewhere in Caracas.
       Perhaps lying next to his hero...Simon Bolivar.
       With that...he will join Argentina's Eva Peron...as the only other Latin American leader who's cult of personality will be physically preserved for posterity...so 'Chavismo' will live on.
       But...some new details about Hugo's illness...and painful last days are finally emerging from the presidential palace...details that Raul Castro's La Habana hospital and doctors  kept secret for 21 months.
      It is claimed that Chavez slipped into a coma 24 hours before he died...from cancer invading his lungs...and lower spinal cord.
      He was heavily drugged to dull the pain during his successful October campaign.
      It was also announced that the date for the new presidential election will be...Sunday, 14 April.