10 March 2013

ARGENTINA / UK : 12 Mar. UPDATE: 99.8% Vote For Continued UK Sovereignty Over Falklands.

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       A 2-day referendum on sovereignty of the long disputed Falklands/Malvinas islands... ended with overwhelming approval by voters to remain under UK overseas rule.
        Only 3 of the Falkland Islands' 1,672 residents...were against UK sovereignty during the 2-day referendum.
        The 99.8% result...sends a clear message to Buenos Aires.
        Buenos Aires called the vote 'illegal.'
        In 1982...the 2 nations fought a 74-day war...that killed over 900.
        Argentina has claimed the islands since 1833.
        The islands are located some 480 kms/300 miles from Argentina's coast...and 8,000 miles from London.
      The prospects of new large oil and gas finds have increased the islands' value.
      Production could begin by 2017.
      The islands also contains lucrative fishing grounds.
      The voter turnout was 92%.
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