20 February 2013

RUSSIA / USA : Putin Opponent Blogger Navalny Hits Ethics Paydirt; Embarrassing Revelation Forces Duma Leader To Resign.

     Leading opposition and corruption blogger/lawyer Alexei Navalny revealed that Vladimir Pekhtin...the Duma's ethics committee head...had failed to reveal at least 3 USA properties...valued at over $2 million.
      Pekhtin is a founding member of Russia's ruling party.
      At first...Pekhtin, 62...claimed the Florida condos belonged to his son...but 48 hours later resigned...saying he needed time to clear his name.
      President Vlad Putin has proposed new measures to crack down on assets and wealth hidden offshore...especially in the West. 
      Disgust over Kremlin and oligarch corruption is a hot issue in Russia.
      Navalny says the property information was readily available.
      Pekhtin has been widely ridiculed online...for being a hypocrite.