09 February 2013

PERU: 11 Feb UPDATE: 5 Dead,Thousands Displaced From Arequipa Floods; 4,000 Homes Destroyed; 270 Million Soles Damage.

      The 5 inches of rain that fell in just 7 hours Friday afternoon...caused massive flooding in Arequipa...and killed 5.
      It was equal to about 3 months of rain...in a few hours.
      The rushing waters destroyed 4,000 homes and cars in Peru's second largest city of 800,000.
        A state of emergency was declared...after thousands there were cut off from water and electricity.
     2 bridges collapsed and several towns were isolated.
     Damage is estimated at more than 270 million soles/$105 million usd.
     Heavy rains also plagued Chile and Bolivia.
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