05 February 2013

MEXICO/ SPAIN : 11 Feb UPDATE : 6 Arrested For Acapulco Tourist Rapes.

        3RD LINK CHANGE: New Details

     Police have arrested 6 men for invading a beachfront casita rented by 14 tourists on the eastern outskirts of Acapulco...and allegedly raping 6 Spanish nationals vacationing there.
     The suspects worked at beachfront restaurants and were moved to Mexico City.
     During the assault...police say that 6 male companions of the raped tourists were tied-up with phone cords...and robbed...while the gunmen drank mescal...and assaulted the women.
     One woman escaped the 3 hour long sexual assault...by revealing that she was Mexican.
     Police still claim the masked gunmen may have sold drugs to some of the victims...days before the home invasion and rapes.
     But some are calling the claim is a crude attempt by officials to smear the victims' reputations and mitigate the crimes...and Acapulco's reputation worldwide.
     Police had questioned more than a dozen people about the crimes.
     The 3 a.m. assaults occurred...in the popular Playa Encantada area.
     Acapulco's tourism is already suffering from violence in Guerrero state.