27 January 2013

MEXICO : 30 Jan UPDATE: 14 Band Bodies Found In Mina Well; Sole Survivor Tells Of Salsa Band's Massacre By Mafiosos.

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       The news is grim for most of the family, friends and followers of popular Mexican salsa band Kombo Kolombia.
       Police have finished recovering bodies from a pozo/well...aka...fosa clandestina...on a ranch near where 16 members of a salsa band suddenly disappeared on Thursday...along with 2 others.
       A total of 17 bodies were found in a deep well near Mina...a town close to Monterrey... and may have been tortured.
      14 of the bodies have been identified as band members.
       The lead came from one member of the group who allegedly escaped from kidnappers after being beaten..and told police where the bodies were dumped.
         The band was playing for a private party at a remote ranch...when at least 10 gunmen entered the building...blindfolded 18 of them...forced them into a van...and drove out into the countryside...where the witness says they were killed...and dumped down a well.
     The 16 members of the salsa band...Kombo Kolombia...musicians and crew members... had vanished after their performance.
     Relatives say members stopped answering their cells...and they found the band's autos still parked at the music venue.
     Kombo Kolombia played Colombian vallenato music...and not narcocorridos...which celebrate narco leaders.
     Narcos have killed...or kidnapped...a growing number of musicians in recent years.