02 January 2013

BRASIL: 03 Jan UPDATE: High School Girl Auctions Virginity on YouTube.

           TO WATCH: 2:50 video report...after :30 ad.
       An 18-year-old  high school girl from the small town of Sapeacu in Brasil's impoverished northeast...is offering to sell her virginity online...and getting some grief for doing it.
     Rebecca Bernardo says she is desperate to provide for her mother...who still suffers from a serious stroke.
     She was inspired recently by another young Brasilera named Caterina...who got over $780,000...along with worldwide attention, modeling offers and also much public scorn...for auctioning her virginity online in Australia.
     Since posting the video on YouTube last month...Rebecca has received 3 bids...the highest at $35,000.

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