08 January 2013

AUSTIN / USA / UK / MEDIA : TV Gun Control Debate Gets Ugly; Former Rep Giffords Launches Anti-Gun Violence Group.

       With 11:40 Confrontation Video

      Sadly...there's an Austin connection to last night's heated and ugly televised confrontation over gun control between CNN's Piers Morgan...and Alex Jones.
      Rambunctious longtime conspiracy theorist and radio/internet talk host Alex Jones is based here in Austin...the most progressive city in Texas.
      Since the tragic and shocking massacre of 26 in Newtown, Connecticut...Jones has been pushing a White House petition to have the Brit Morgan deported...and has gathered some  105,000 signatures...in a nation of 310 million.
       Jones has labelled Morgan 'a foreigner and redcoat'...for demanding tougher gun control laws...and spent almost 15 minutes shouting at Morgan.
      Morgan has repeatedly pointed out that Britain only had 35 deaths from guns last year... while the USA suffered over 11,000 deaths.
      Jones also claims he was singled out by TSA agents at Austin's airport on the way to NYC...when he refused to take off his shoes.
      AND:  Former USA lawmaker from Arizona Gabrielle Giffords...seriously wounded by a gunman 2 years ago...and still slowly recovering...is launching a group to curb gun violence...and raise money to counteract the powerful 3 million member NRA lobby.