14 December 2012

VENEZUELA / CUBA : Power Struggles Brew In Caracas...As Chavez Slowly Recovers In La Habana; USA Docs Diagnose Hugo's Problem As Terminal Belly Sarcoma.


      In Cuba...officials now claim that ailing President Hugo Chavez is much better...after a serious bleeding setback...following his more than 6-hour surgery...to remove another cancerous growth.
      But...in Caracas...Hugo's loyal followers are starting to drool over their possible succession to his throne and power.
     A struggle is reported to be brewing among his ambitious supporters...even if Chavez recently...and reluctantly named a successor...VP Nicolas Maduro.
      National Assembly President Diosdado Cabello is mentioned as the most prominent threat to a Maduro takeover.
      Will the feuding camps cut a deal...and split up the oil giant's tasty pie?
      Intense feuding may have forced Chavez to fly home from Cuba...to name a successor... in the middle of his treatments.
      A USA observer says...'With Chavez no longer on the scene...the situation becomes extremely predictable. The fact that Maduro is Chavez's designated successor gives him the upper hand for the time being...but that is unlikely to last long. The others vying for power are wily and ruthless. From the outset the Chavez regime has been about power...including lots of money...and now all that is up for grabs.'

    AND: USA doctors contacted by WSJ...diagnose Hugo's cancer...as a terminal belly sarcoma....probably 'aggressive and incurable' 
'...it's pretty dramatic...and almost inevitably, they come back in or near where they started.'