31 December 2012

VENEZUELA / CUBA : Chavez Suffering New "Complications" During Cancer Recovery; New Year's Eve Fests Cancelled; Who Is VP Maduro?


     During a brief but grim televised report from Cuba on Sunday...acting chief executive... VP Nicolas Maduro announced that President Hugo Chavez was in a 'delicate condition'... suffering 'new complications'...from a 'respiratory infection'...after his 4th and latest cancer surgery...in La Habana.
    Chavez, 58...has not been seen in public since the 11 December operation.
    He is scheduled to be sworn-in for his 3rd term as president on 10 January.
    Caracas is again speculating about his deteriorating health...the legal transfer of power...and swearing-in ceremony itself.
    It was also announced that all public new year's eve festivities would be cancelled.
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     In public against opponents, the 50 year old former bus driver...is often 'combative and full of vitriol'...but lacks Chavez charisma.