09 December 2012

ROMANIA : 17 Dec. UPDATE: Basescu Reappoints PM Ponta...After Parliamentary Vote Win.


     Despite an ugly battle of egos...between President Traian Basescu...and PM Viktor Ponta...Basescu has  reappointed Ponta as PM.
     Last Sunday...Ponta's supporters beat out bitter enemy Basescu's...with 60% of the parliamentary vote.
     PM Ponta began the ugliness when he tried to impeach the president in July.
     President Basecu had threatened not to re-appoint Ponta as PM.
     They will have to share power until 2014.
     Bucharest needs a new IMF loan in early 2013...but continued political unrest between the two men was unnerving the IMF...and threatened to delay...or kill even the much needed loan.