13 November 2012

BELIZE / USA : 15 Nov UPDATE: PM Calls McAfee 'Bonkers'; 2 Detained In American's Murder; Police Still Seek Eccentric Software Millionaire McAfee For Questioning.

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     This blog usually covers only Spanish/Portuguese speaking Latin American news.
     But the search for ex-pat American former software millionaire John McAfee (top foto)...is just too bizarre to ignore.
     Belize's PM called McAfee 'bonkers' because of his paranoia...and remaining on the run.
     Police there have already detained 2 suspects in the murder of island resident... American Gregory Faull, 52 (foto)...on Ambergris Caye in Belize.
    Faull was McAfee's neighbor...and may have poisoned 4 of the millionaire's 11 dogs.
    But McAfee, 67...who sold his anti-virus company for $100 million in the 1994...went into hiding...and altered his appearance...because he believes that he will be killed if he surfaces.
    He moved to Belize in 2008...reportedly for tax reasons...and had been in trouble with local officials...for allegedly running a meth lab...and weapons possession.