09 November 2012

ARGENTINA : At Least 700,000 March Against Cristina's Policies And Possible 3rd Term.

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     Organized by social media around an #8N tag...an estimated 700,000-1.5 million people...gathered peacefully for 4 hours in the streets of Buenos Aires...and other cities.
      Banging pots and pans...the protesters showed their anger about soaring crime and inflation, corruption, ever stricter USD currency controls...and President Cristina       Kirchner's allies amending the constitution so she can run again.
      It was the biggest demonstration since 2008.
      According to Bloomberg...October polling shows Cristina's approval rating at 28%...way down from the 54% recorded during her 2011 re-election.
      It didn't help her popularity...when over 3 million BA households suffered blackouts...and water failures...Wednesday night...with temps hovering at 36 C.
          TO SEE: 1:32 Protest VIDEO, no ad.